Tricks of searching in Google

Google is biggest search engine in worlds. It is so massive that we need some tricks to find our information. So here is some cool tricks for you need to know.


1: Find movies time: type [Movie name] in search box and also your city name. it will give you complete information on movies on your city.

2: Find time of your favorites show: type name of your favorite show in search box and it give you complete information on your show.

3: Find about your Favourite book: just Type your favourite book [name] or your [author name]

4: Find your favourite songs or singers: to find your song just type it in search box [song]

5: Check Flight Status:  you don’t have to open airline website just type your [Flight no] in google search box  and you get complete information on your flight

6: Calculation:  google can do some serious calculation from basic to scientific calculation all you have to do is type the question in search box

7:Conversion: google can convert any unit in quick time. For ex. Convert meter to kilometer or convert any currency like Dolar into pound, or yen. Very helpful for quick time.

8: weather information:  want to know about weather in your city just type weather [City] or [State]

9: know the time of sunrise and sunset in city. Just type sunrise[city] or sunset[city] name and you know the exact timing of both.

10: Compare two items:  if you want to compare two items like two phones or two dishes just type [product1] Vs [Product2].

11: translate languages:  with help of google its easy to translate between any two languages  just type sentence and [language] into [language2]

12: meaning of the word: google can work as dictionary too. Any word  that you cannot understand or want to know the meaning of that word you need [define] word .

13: Stock :  For share market you need to know how company stock value just type company name [stock]

14: to search in ranges: if you want to search between two range like two dates or two price ranges just type [name1]..[name2]

15: to find popular hashtags just type # in word:


That’s some vey basic google searching tricks. The google have lots more this tricks. That