Soon india will buy its most advanced weapons systems from Russia S-400 Missile defence systems. So whats is in this systems that USA give threat to india to put ban on india. But india will buy this system at anyhow. Lets close look at this systems.

S-400 Missile launchers on truck

S-400 Missile Launchers

India and Russia had signed the agreement in 2016 in which india will buy the latest and most advanced missile defence systems S-400. This missile defence system is currently the most advanced systems in the world. India will buy a five S-400 systems at the price of 40,000 Crore. This system will use for securing important military base and important places of india. After Russia the only china have this missile systems and india will become second nation to buy this S-400 missile systems. For buying this Missile systems from Russia USA give warning to india that they will put ban on india for buying this systems. But india will definatly buy this systems.

India have lots of self-defence missile system like SPYDER,AKASH,BARAK-8 but this missile systems have some limits. And india is also developing its own missile defence systems. But it take years to full development. That’s why india decided to buy this systems.

S-400 Missile Defence systems with all radars and missiles

S-400 Missile Systems

S-400 Triumph missile or also called SA-21 Growler by NATO. This is not a single missile but bunch of different missiles with different range. This Missile system can detect and destroy fifth Genration fighter jets like F-22 and F-35. The only S-400 can capable to do this. No other defence systems have this kind of capability. It can destroy target upto 400 kilometers.

S-400 infographics with all systems of s-400 and its sub-systems

S-400- infographics with all systems and its subsystems

India will buy a five S-400 systems. In each systems there are 8 missile launchers which have 32 different range of missiles. And this system also include 2 radars and a special command post which operate entire s-400. The all system are mobile. So it can move on trucks at any place.

S-400 Specification

Target detection range 600 kilometers
Target Range in air Maximum: 400 KM

Minimum:  2 KM

Altitude limits for target Maximum: 185 KM

Minimum: 2 meters

Maximum amount of target 80
Launch of simultaneous missiles 160
Time for prepare for operation 15 minutes
Types of Target Bomber ,Fifth generation fighter, UAV, incoming missiles,Early warning aircrafts
Types of missile and its range Total 5 types

: 40 KM

:120 KM

:200 KM

:250 KM

:400 KM


S-400 missile defence systems have most advanced Radar systems called “91N6E GRAVESTONE RADAR”. It can track 300 target simultaneously and its range is 600 kilometers. The second radars is “92NE6 BIG BIRD RADAR” which can track 100 target simultaneously. The special radar name “96LE6” is a high altitude detector radar for track mountain. A special command post name “55K6E” can manage and operate the entire S-400 missile defence systems. This post can be run by 5 men.

The Command post of S-400 55K6

The Command post of S-400 55K6

S-400 has best missile in its class and 5 types of missiles for target and different ranges lets look its missile systems

Missile name Range Weight
9M96E 40 KM 333 KILO
9M96E2 120 KM 420 KILO
48N6E2 200 KM 1835 KILO
48N6E3 250 KM 1835 KILO
40N6 400 KM 1893 KILO


This system also have some other type of radar and post which selected by need. This system can target fifth gen fighter and UAV which fly at very high altitude. This system also track and destroy incoming missiles of enemy.

This system will deploy  at Pakistan and Chinese border area. This single system can cost a 4 billion Dolar. And after its capablilty this price is worth it.



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