Geralard R Ford : The world’s biggest Aircraft Carrier

America have the world’s largest fleet of Aircraft carrier. And now USA will induct its and world’s biggest aircraft carrier “Gerald R Ford”. Lets look at this massive carrier.

image of the Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier

Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier

Only  nine countries in the world’s have Aircraft carrier. USA, Russia, France, China, India, Britan, spain, Italy, and japan. And USA have more then eleven aircraft carrier. The new Carrier will inducted on 22 july. This aircraft carrier cost is 13 billion US dollar or 85,000 crore RS. Name on Americas former president Gerald ford.


This aircraft carrier works started in 2005. And laid down on 2009 and construction completed on 2013. Lets look

some facts about this carrier.

The Detail Of the Gerald R Ford Aircraft Carrier

 Type Aircraft Carrier
Weight 1,00,000 Tonnes
Length 337 meters
Height 76 meters
Deck 25
Power 2 nuclear Reactor
Speed 56 Kilometer/hour
Range Unlimited
Expected Life 50 Years
Sailors 500 ofiicers,

3800 Sailors

Numbers of Aircraft 75
Types of aircraft FA-18, F-35, EA-18G, C-2, X-47B ,SH-60 helicopters
Other weapons RIM-162, RIM-116 Anti aircraft missile, Phalanx CIWS ,M2 .50 Cal Guns


USS_Gerald_R._Ford under tests


This aircraft carrier is world’s biggest and most advanced aircraft carrier, you can called it floating fortress on sea. This carrier have EMALS(Electro Magnetic Aircraft Launch System). This is the only one system that no carrier in worlds. This special technology developed by General Atomics. AND AAG (Advanced arresting Gear). The EMALS used for launch of aircraft in air. Only 300 meter long deck is enough for this. And AAG technology used for catch the landing aircraft. This aircraft carrier is powerd by 2 nuclear reactor called A1B. which produced 300 Megawatt power. Give unlimited range on sea. And speed is 56 km/hr.

F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter aircraft

F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter aircraft

This aircraft carrier built using 3D technology. It means The whole aircraft is first built in computerized 3D model map. And remove all problems facing in previously built carrier. The aircraft carrier use New kind of Radar technology called “Dual band Radar”. This can use as two radars in single systems. This radar can track incoming missile and fighter aircraft. The computers used in this system is developed by IBM and called its COTS. The sea sparrow missile is used to destroy incoming missile.

F-35B Stealth fighter aircraft for gerald R ford

F-35B Stealth fighter aircraft


The second thing is Phalanx CIWS means this gun can fire 4500 rounds in 1 minutes. This aircraft can carry 75 fighter jets. The F/a-18 and F-35 lighting 2 is advanced aircraft fighter jets. And other C-2 and x-47B UAV.


Phalanx CIWS System Guns

Phalanx CIWS System

The Sea Sparrow Missile for Gerald R Ford

The Sea Sparrow Missile


Some cool facts about this aircraft carrier

  • The total 5000 small and big companies take part making this aircraft carrier.
  • 7,50,000 liters of special purpose paints used in this aircraft carrier.
  • 3100 kilometer long wires used in this carrier.
  • 40 lakhs feet long opticle fiber cable used.
  • This aircraft system can convert 15 lakhs liter sea water into drinking water.
  • Toatal 5 billion US dollar or 32,000 crore RS for Reasearch and development for this carrier.



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