13 Most common scams on Internet

Have you ever received an email or message that you won the million dollar in lottery. Then beware it’s a scam. Here is the list of most common type of scams in internet you should avoid.

common internet scam

Internet is now part of our daily life. We do lots of work on internet but there is also a dark side of internet. The cyber criminal will try to trick you to get your personal information like your bank account number, passwords etc so avoid these type scam.

(1)Phising Scams:

In this scams you will receive an email asking for your detail. There is also a link inside email. If you click the link then it will redirect you to a duplicate website which is exact copy of original website. Where you asked to enter your name and password and other detail. This information will directly reach to criminals and they can misuse this information and harm you. There is a lots of increase in this type of scams.

phising scam

(2) Nigerian scams:

This scam is also known as 419 scams. One of the oldest trick of criminals. In this trick criminal send you an email like he is a very big government officer in country or big businessman in some country. But his money is blocked by government and if you paid his fees then he will give you a very big amount of reward for that. That’s the trick. If you paid once he always ask for more money and you will get nothing at all. This email said they are from Nigeria that’s why it called a Nigerian scams.

(3) Greeting Card scam:

In this type of scam you will receive email like some of your relative send you a greeting card and you will have to download that greeting card. But this type of download can contain virus which effect your computers. They can lock your pc or damage your files in computers. So don’t download anything that come from unknown people.

greting card scam

(4)Bank loan or credit card scams:

In this type of scam you received email from some xyz company or bank that they approved very big amount of loan for you and you only need to pay some processing fees. How any company can give you a loan without knowing you or your detail? So be careful don’t trust any this type of loan schemes.

(5) Lottery scam:

One of the most common scams on net. Most of the people have received mail or sms that you win the million dollar in some xyz company draw. All you need is to give transfer fees. Many people are easily trapped in this scam because huge amount of money they think they going to win. But it’s a scam never ever replay of forward scam message to others.

fake lottery scam

 (6) Hitman scam:

In this type of scam you will receive threat email or message that someone will give him huge money to kill you. If you want to live give me money. Or they also threat to kidnap your family member. They have also some of your personal detail. But there is no need of worry. The information you see in email is collected from your social networking website. Only you have to remember that don’t put too much information on your social media.

threat email scam

(7) Romance scam:

This type of scam usualy appeared on dating website or facebook. The criminal created fake account and put some other persons photos. First they send some romantic messeege to target. If target become fall in love. Now criminal start demand from target from money to costly mobile phones. there  are also case of kidnaping of victim if they agree to meet him. So never give any replay to unknown person.

attractive scam

(8) Fake anti-virus scam:

When you surfing internet you may notice that visiting some website open a new tab without clicking  by you. And you will told that your antivirus program becoming old and download this new antivirus immediately. This is a fake anti-virus. If you download and install. It may contain some virus or malware. Which leak your information. So only used trusted brands anti-virus program.

fake anti-virus program

(9) Making fast money:

Lots of people want to work on internet and want make money. But without proper knowledge and making million in very short time they trapped in this money making scams. They used fake company and fake post offer for you.

(10) Travelling scams:

this type of scams  much like fake lottery scams they email you that you win the 3 night and 2 days trip in USA or something. Only you have to paid some advance money. This is a scam. When some offers are too good, think twice it can be a scam.

malware phising scam

(11) Fake news scams:

Every news you read on internet is not true. Some fake news website can lead you to buy some fake products. Or also leak your bank account information to hackers. So don’t trust this kind of website.

fake job scam

(12) Fake Website scams:

Today shopping from internet is become necessary. But if you shop blindly from net, it can cost you more. Some time hacker and criminal used fake website of original website and put product link on social media websites. Maybe this product will fake or duplicate.

(13) Job Offer Scam:

Today false job offer become very big scams. You got email from some random company and offer some very high salary post to you without taking your interview. To verify this please serach about this company or make some research or get help from your friend circles about this company.

fake job email scam

This is the some most common scam on internet and hacker always find new trick of scam to fool people. But with this simple trick you can identify scam

  • If any offer is too good may be it’s a scam do a proper research on offer.
  • If any mail you got do search on google.
  • Never forward or replay this type of fake scams messages
  • Never ever share your personal or bank detail or password with any one.


Be smart be safe



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