The complete guide of every type of computer ports and connectors

There are lots of different ports available in computers. Each one have its own roles, different sizes. Now let’s see all types of ports and its roles in computers.

all type of ports and connectors

all type of computer ports and connector

Today there are lots of computer ports available like USB, HDMI, VGA, etc etc. if you want to buy new laptop or pc you should know how many ports and which ports are in computers. There are six category of computers ports (1) USB (2) storage (3) Network/communication (4) Audio (5)Video (6)Power

There are different sub category and version of every ports. lets check them


(1)USB (Universal Serial Bus):

USB port is now most common port in PC. You can do data transfer or add other devices to your PC like keyboard, GamePad, Printers, etc. There are Four different versions of USB and also subversion of it. USB ports starts in 1995. IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Compaq  like big Tech companies create a joint forum for implement of USB. This fourm is now making rules and version of USB ports. Now USB have Five version till date. Lets see every version.

all USB generation with logos and speed comparison charts

all USB generation with logos and speed

USB 1.0:  The first version of USB Called 1.0.  It can send data at the speed of 1.5Mbit/s(MegaBit per seconds) and Maximum 12 Mbits. But this ports are out of date and no one use this version anymore.

USB 2.0: This version is most common USB port in computers. Released in april 2000. The data transfer rate of this version is 280Mbit/s to 400 Mbit/s. The USB 2.0 port is always in black color.

USB 3.0: released 2008 when data used increased by PC. So new high speed port released. This 3.0 ports supports 400 MBPS. Today every new laptop and pc come with this new port. This port is always in blue color. And also a backward compatible. So you can use 2.0 USB devices in this port.

USB 3.1:  This new generation high speed port offer 10GBPS transfer rate. HD movies, or very big file can transfer in minutes. This port also known as USB SS or SuperSpeed. This is an advanced version of 3.0. there is also gen-1 and gen-2 in this Port.

all types of usb and logos and their feature

All USB logos and their types

USB Type C: This technology is brand new. The special port and connector. This port may be future. Today every big company adopted this standard and we will see this in every mobile phones, Laptops, and every Gadgets. The what special about this port is its compatibility. You can connect with the both side of this port. You can charge phones and laptops, tablets with this port.


After knowing USB Port and its generation you must also know about its connector. Lets see all types of connectors.


USB type A:  The most common connector you see every day. The most common is our pendrive. All type USB 1.0,2.0,3.0, are using same size connector and backward compatible.

USB Type B: This connector is square in size. This connector used in printers, scaners, External Harddrives. Usb 1.0 and 2.0 Type b connector are same. But USB 3.0 size is changed and its not backward compatible.

all type of USB connectors

USB Connectors

USB MINI-A/ USB MINI-B:  This type of connector is used first generation of Cameras and Phones

USB Micro-A/ USB Micro-B:  when mobile phone becomes more and more small. Its become necessary to create new and portable port that fits into its size. And in 2007 USB microport become standards. Today all mobile have this port.

all ports on back of computer


This Technology is jointly developed by Apple and Intel company. This port is used for data transfer and also many other use. The most important of this port is this port can be used in other port also. That’s means with one port can use for two different purpose. This technology developed in 2011. And every Apple laptop have this port. This port have total 3 different version. This port is identified by Thunder logo on its port. if both port have thunderbolt port icon then it wil support it.

thunderbolt port

Now lets look at its version

ThunderBolt 1: support data transfer rate at 10 GBPS. Its more speed then USB 3.0.

ThunderBolt 2 : This version support 20GBPS speed and its also a backward compatible and support 4K Video monitor.

Thunderbolt 3:   There is lots of change in this version. This version supports 40 GBPS transfer rate which is fastest port available in market. This port support two 4K monitor simultaneously. Also use for computer networking. Also compatible with USB-C connector.



HDMI means High Defination Multimedia Interface. This is one type of display technology. Mostly used for very high defination audio and video resolution. One of the most common port used in laptops,DVD and BLU-ray players, LCD AND LED tvs. This Technology is developed by 8 tech companies. They jointly form a HDMI fourm. Now this fourm has 83 companies. The first version og HDMI launched in 2002. Today there are 7 version of HDMI.

1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.0 2.1
Resolution 1920×1200

60 HZ 


60 HZ 


60 HZ 


60 HZ




4096 x 2160 (4k)



Also 3D supported


If you want buy a HDMI compatible device always check for version 2.0. the most common version of hdmi is 1.4 and 2.0. its also use different type of connector like USB. There are five type of connectors.

type of mini and micro hdmi connector

Type A:  This is a one regular size HDMI connector and almost all TV and laptop have this connector.

Type B:  This IS a dual link connector. But very rarely used.

Type C: also known as MINI HDMI mostly used in gaming consoles, Video Recorders types of deveces.

Type D: also Known as Micro HDMI used in tablets and Mobile Phones.

Type E:  This type of Connector mostly used in automotive electronics.


Now the HDMI cable also come in five different types.

1 HDMI Standard Cable:

2 HDMI Standard with EtherNet:

3 HDMI Standard with Automative:

4 HDMI Highspeed:

5 HDMI highspeed with Ethernet:




display port cable

This port Technology much like HDMI technology. Developed by Video Electronics Standard Association(VESA). To remove issues in DVI port and VGA port this DisplayPort is used. Also a backward compatible you can use cable for DVI and VGA. This technology have five Version 1.0 ,1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4. the latest one 1.4 support 8K resolution.

This port have 3 different types of connector.

thunderbolt port

1 Standard , 2 MINI, 3 Micro

The standard and mini connector mostly used in business class laptop. Even Graphics Card also use this technology. The DisplayPort IS royalty free port technology so some companies used their own Port on this base technology. Like DDM(Direct Drive Monitor), eDP(embedded DisplayPort), IDP(Internal DisplayPort), PDPI, WDP, SlimPort, DisplayID, DockPort etc .



DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface. One of the most common port used in pc. This technology designed in 1999. Its support 1920×1200 and 2560×1600 resolution. This port is always in white color, DVI-A, DVI-D, DVI-I, Stand for digital and analog. Where D And I also two category Single link and dual link, There  is also a Mini and Micro Version of This Port. the biggeset drawback of this port is it cant support audio.



vga ports

One of the Oldest port in PC and still used.  VGA means Video Graphics Array. Developed by IBM in 1987. VGA port always in Blue Color and both side have screw. This port is only support video not audio. This connector also known as DE-15 beacause it has 15 pins. Support 1920×1080



This two port connect mouse and keyboard. Ps/2 means personal system 2. Beacause its first used in IBM PS/2 computer system. The purple color port used for keyboard and green color port used in mouse. But now a days USB has taken this port.


Serial Port:

This port also known as COM port. This port is used for communication port. Transfer data bit by bit.one of the oldest port in PC. Its still used in lots of pc and old devices like CNC machines, modem, old printers, text based displayboards and some special industrialist PC. Its used Two types of connector DB-9 and DB-25.


Parallel port:


This port known as LPT port or printer port. This port also developed by IBM. The serial port send data bit by bit while serial port send 8 bit per seconds. This port also used for connecting Printer,scanner,external hard disk. This port connector known as DB-25.

Firewire port:

This port also known as 1394 port. designed by Apple company. This port more like USB port. This port has four version. Firewire-400, Firewire-800,Firewire-1600,Firewire-3200. This port very popular until 2013 but now Thundebolt port and USB port take its place. This port can transfer data at 400 mbps to 800 mbps.


Ethernet Port:

This port used for connecting computers and create networks of computers. The connector of this port known as RJ-45. Today every modem and routers come with this port.


Audio Port:

The TRRS diagram of audio porst and pin configuration

TRRS diagram

The TRRS diagram 2

This is a audio port. you can see this port in Desktop and laptops. There are two separate ports for desktop one for headphone and one for mic. While laptop have single two in one port. This port have 3 standard 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 6.5 mm, the 3.5 mm port is most commonly used port in laptops and mobiles phones. The pin used two different setting called TRS and TRRS. And other setting used for other audio devices.



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