Some interesting fact about google company

Here is some cool interesting facts about google that you don’t know about. Lets check them out

the most famous google logo

google logo

  1. Google is using 20 Petabyte Data every day.  So 1 petabyte is equal to 20,000 TeraByte data
  2. Google was first name “BackRub”.
  3. In 1999 Google want sell is company in just 10 million Dollar to Excite But they Refuse this offer
  4. According to google Exam result and GPA are wrost thing to select Employee. There are 14% employee of Google who never go to colleages.
  5.  When the employee of google dies the google give its half salary to his wife for 10 years and 1000 Dollar per months to his children for 19 years.
  6.   Google ad revenue is 66 billion dolar per year which is more then combined income of NBC,CBS,ABC and FOX houses.
  7. There is  two million searches in google every minutes.
  8. The first server of google is made from LIGO toys. This toys is now in Stanford Colleage museum.
  9.  on 13 August 2013 Google server goes down for some technical reason. The worlds 40% internet was down by this fault.
  10.  From 2010 Google buys two company every months.
  11. 2 million people are apply for job in google every year.
  12. Google have 17 DATA Centers in Worlds. Which contains 9,00,000 servers.
  13. Google software code is written in 2 billion line of codes. And its size is 86 terabytes.
  14. google button “I am feeling lucky” will cost 11 million dollar loss every year.
  15. Only Lary page and Sergey brin have authorized to land there private jet in NASA airport runway.
  16. Google buys every domain name that look like or read like google company which prevents them they illegal use or copied website.
  17.  in Google street view there is 8.1 million kilometer road recording which more then 20 petabyte data.