Google map tricks you should know

The google map is one of the most popular website. You can find almost anything using Google map roads, atms, shops, etc etc. here is some cool trick to get more used for google maps.

google map icon and tips

Google map

(1) Save your home and office location:google map trick add home

you can save your home and office location just once. And then you have to only search from menu to get home. This will save lots of your time. Just start google map, upper left corner you can see 3 dots. Click on that “Your places” and save your home location and office location.

(2) Share your Location:share google map

One of the most usefull feature of Google map is sharing your location and share it with whatsapp and other website. When you tap on map address you can see share option. By clicking on share you can see list of apps you want share it.

(3)Add more then one stop:

add stops

In google map you can add more then one stop between your destination. To add click on 3 dot on upper right side, and in menu you can see “Add stop” option. And you can add total 10 stops in journey.

(4)Check train timetables:

google map tricks 24

One of the most imported feature of google map. You can check train time, their all stops.

(5)Find Traffic on your road:

You can check how much traffic on the road and change your route according to traffic. To select traffic from map use left side panel and select panel.

(6)Get information on transist routes:

google map tricks 24

You can get information public transport routes like bus, trains , metro trains, flight routes, in some cities you can also get Ola and UBER services.

(7)Find Local places near you:

find local places near youlocal places near you

Now its very easy to find local places like restoraunts, Petrol pumps, Grocery stores, railway stations, etc, just type “near by (places)”


(8)Save map offline:

When you don’t have internet in some areas. You can save this area offline and use it without internet. You can create proper zoom and click on save button from right side.

(9)Save your favorite spot and make list:

google map lists

When you have to many location and save it according to your need like Work places, tourist places and make list.

(10)Share your direction:

share direction on google mapshare route information on whatsapp

You can share direction to any one. And send it via whatsapp.

(11)Avoid toll places:

google map trick for avoid highway

With help of google map you can avoid toll places on road. Just find the option from list and click avoid toll option.

(12)measure distance between two points:

map distance between two points

To measure distance between places just add one blue tick on place and second blue tick on another place and go to option and click on find distance option.

(13)watch google street view on 360 degree:

google street view

You can watch 360 degree of tourist spot and some cities. There are some full 360 degree view on some cites.

(14)contribute on google map:

become local guide on google map

If you think there is a location which is not on google map. Then you can add this new local place on google map with contribute. You have go right side panel and go to my contribution page.



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